Medical Canvassing Made Better

Effective Medical Canvassing Saves Time,
Reduces Cost, and Mitigates Risk

CDI Canvassing provides a disruptive technology solution to reinvent current medical canvassing models and delivery.

Our highly flexible and scalable solution reduces the overall costs of claims processing and provides faster turnaround times.

CDI is perfect for: AD&D • Auto Bodily Injury • LTD • STD •
Accident • Critical Illness • Workers’ Compensation • Litigation

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Our cost-effective strategies will enhance your cost-containment while reducing your risk.

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CDI is the cost leader in medical canvassing because we have created and invested in innovative technology to streamline processes.

CDI uses advanced tech-enabled and process-oriented medical canvassing procedures that make an immediate impact on claims.

We move significantly faster than the competition. CDI also reduced turnaround time on canvass reports for the client by 40%. While competitors frequently take 5-7 days to turnaround a canvass, CDI averages a 3 day turnaround.

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CDI Canvass Types

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CardiologyChiropracticClinical LaboratoriesDentists
DoctorsENTGymsHealth Clinics
Health ClubsHospitalsImaging CentersMail-Order Pharmacy
Pain ManagementPharmacyPhysical TherapyPodiatry

WHAT MAKES CDI’s medical canvass DIFFERENT?

The demand for quality medical canvassing tools and programs in the insurance and legal industries has increased dramatically.

10% of claims take 90% of your time and effort. CDI understands claim administrators require consistent efficiency in canvassing methodology utilized to flag issues and gain insight into medical treatment information while ensuring a HIPAA compliant process.  

We saw the need to reinvent current medical canvassing models because we know firsthand why speed and cost efficiencies are essential qualities. The CDI canvassing approach gives attorneys and adjusters a disruptive technology solution.

Advanced Tech Platform
Optimized Processes
Flexibility & Scalability

CDI relies on technology and advanced operations processes to streamline medical canvassing.  These automations translate into better client service, enabling client staff to concentrate on higher value added activities.

Our service creates efficiency in discovering undisclosed treatment or claimant misrepresentations, identifying possible fraud, and revealing pre-existing conditions. 

what’s included in a CDI Canvass?

Demographic database pre-check to validate relevant information about the claimant

Automatic workflow actions for critical canvassing events

Provider identification that match the requested type and scope

Radial maps and hyperlinks of data points

Tools to assist with analysis & interpretation of information contained in the canvass report

put the EXPERTISE of cdi to work for you

Getting effective, efficient, data-rich medical canvass reports with a fast turn-arounds can make all the difference in a claim. CDI Medical Canvassing can help your team:

  • Establish whether the claimant received treatment prior to the accident
  • Reveal a possible history of injuries
  • Determine whether the injuries were related to pre-existing injuries
  • Confirm whether injuries occurred outside of the workplace
  • Uncover undisclosed medical treatment
  • Detect a pattern of drug-seeking behavior
  • Substantiate a claimant’s statements
  • Expose possible claim misrepresentations
  • Provide specific information about treatments received for pre-existing conditions